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Welcome to Dawn's Light ~ Yoga for Life

Shanti, peace, I'm Dawn...

Yoga transforms.


I am a facilitator in your process.


With a guide by your side, your commitment to a course may provide all the change you are seeking.


Commitments you honor to the promises made to YOURSELF for yourself create self-respect and from that...self-love.


Once you have achieved that, you find a happiness like never before and a desire to spread it around.


Now, you have found your PURPOSE in life.

Please explore my pages, and reach out when you are led to do so.

Listen to the voice within.

What are you seeking?

You already know.

Rest have a companion along the way.


Let's Connect!

Greater Grand Rapids Area, Michigan, USA

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What is Yoga for Life 

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Yoga at Home

Dawn's Light

...guiding your life's yoga journey

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