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Can you say “spondylolisthesis?”


If you have it, my bet is, you can not only say it, but you can spell it, too, because even before you are shown the x-ray results, it is an almost constant concern and a distracting pain in your back every day of your life.


Yoga coach, Dawn Price, knows this word intimately.  Years ago, when a surgeon gave her a prognoses of a Grade 3 (out of 5) “spondy” at L4/L5 in her lumbar spine, he also mentioned that he had never seen a patient with this degree of vertebral slippage who was not in a wheelchair.  He explained that he could not just “put the vertebra back.”   Furthermore, he admitted that if he did the surgery, bracing the area of concern, it would be most likely that the vertebra above the metal plate might begin to slip forward as well.








What would you do?  


After many chiropractors, physical therapists, and another visit to the back surgeon, Dawn chose a daily yoga practice and the life choices that go with it instead.


What makes the practice of yoga a solution for “spondy?”  A bit of EFFORT alongside a bit of EASE; a dedicated practice without any need for perfection and a release of competition with anyone except the spirit within.  As you watch your body and mind transform, your experience of life approaches what Dawn has coined, a “balanced bliss.”


Dawn believes that transformation is possible for anyone who makes a COMMITMENT to positive choices.  


If you feel hopeless and that surgery is your only option, Dawn’s been where you are and can give you the support you have been seeking for years.


She’s there to inspire and encourage your physical change and to help you manage your back pain by building strength as well as flexibility.  Equally importantly, she has learned to access and offer the tools and hopeful insights which will help you dump the daily drama, appreciate the beauty all around you, and find your lost self as well.


You deserve a life free from limiting, tiresome pain and the choices that are holding you back.


Imagine recreating your life.  Dawn will be your guide to change HOW you see the world and as a result, WHO YOU ARE in it.


Be curious.  Transform.  Be different.  Be happy.

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Dawn's Light

...guiding your life's yoga journey

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