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Enhance your yoga practice with the experience of doTERRA Essential Oils

I enjoy diffusing essential oils daily during my Yoga for Life practice and I'll also place a couple drops on key areas of my skin to enjoy the aromatic blends in an additional way.  I rotate through 3 different blends as I cycle through my Yoga for Life program; Arise, the enlightening blend, Anchor, the steadying blend, and Align, the centering blend.  All 3 are available in doTERRA's Yoga Collection which I just love to use and to share!

Complete the form above to choose a free sample of Align, Anchor, or Arise Blend!

These aromatic oils are wonderful to use on or off your mat as you move mindfully through every day.

You can learn more about the Yoga Collection here:

Several doTERRA starter kits are available which INCLUDE the membership and are a GREAT value if you want to bring the touch of oils into your life, healthfully and naturally.  Click here for the BEST SELLING Top Ten Oils Kit which includes a diffuser!

(With a doTERRA Membership, you can purchase oils and other doTERRA products at wholesale rate of 25% below retail!)



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