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Mindful Movement Breaks - Needed more than ever!

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Question: Due to Covid, how many families do you think are home-schooling their children this year? In a typical year, about 3% of students are home-schooled, but nearly half (47%) considered home-schooling in Fall of 2020, which means more online education.

With all of the screen time, students will be in need of “recess” or what I call “movement breaks” to balance out the time spent sitting, perhaps developing “text neck” and kyphosis (or rounding) in the upper spine. Remember when parents said, “Don't make that gesture or you will stay that way?” Well, I laughed it off at the time, but it is true that our habitual postures can become the shape that our bodies take, and it may not be one that is beneficial for the healthy processing of our body’s tissues and organs.

Yoga is a perfect, full body movement break. Before Covid, mindfulness programs were starting to be introduced into K-12 education, and now it may be needed more than ever. I have tailor-made, online sessions available for students and their families for mindful movement breaks. Please think about the families in your neighborhood that may be home-schooling and would benefit from some mindful movement in between those long hours of sitting and studying.

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